Account Security

Account Security

My account is compromised 

If you think your account has been compromised, we suggest that you do the following immediately:

Step 1:
Reset your Password using the "Forgot Password" Option
Click here to see how to reset your password 
Once you reset your password, all previous unauthorized login sessions will end.

Step 2:
Reach out to Customer Care to place restrictions on your account.
The team will proceed with deactivating your account temporarily. By doing so, any third-party user who has access to your account, will be restricted from using it.

You may reach out to us for reactivation when you are ready to gain control of your account (when you can again request an OTP to reset your password)

Securing your Account

Tips to secure your Frapapa account

We advise the following security measures related to Frapapa
  1. If you are using the Frapapa App, you can also use Fingerprint Authorization in place of your password.
  2. Immediately change your account password as soon as you suspect your account may have been compromised.
  3. If you are unable to access your account, please reset your password and log off from all devices.
  4. Never enter your password on any platform other than the official Frapapa platform. Beware of suspicious links/platforms from third-party sources.
  5. The Frapapa app is only available on the Frapapa website for android and the app store for IOS devices.
  6. You are advised to change your account password at regular intervals to maintain the integrity of your Frapapa account
    Changing the Password
  • It is recommended to change the password at regular intervals to ensure the security of your account. 

  • Simply Click here to see how to change your password

  • Phishing Sites
    Please be aware of phishing websites. Frapapa will never ask you to enter your Frapapa credentials or verify your password/ OTP to receive any gifts.

  • Please do not trust apps or websites that promise to give you a discount, or increase your account balances

  • Do not download any unverified Apps shared on social media or via messaging platforms such as Whatsapp. We do not endorse these apps or websites. Please avoid logging into Frapapa via random links sent to you. Our only official Frapapa URLs are Always head back to your Frapapa app or Frapapa website if you are unsure

  • If you receive an email, SMS, or other communication requesting your Password or OTP, please forward this to our support email and delete the email.

Keeping your Frapapa account safe

Your Account Security

We at Frapapa, take the security of your account very seriously. We are continuously building on new features to further enhance your account security.

Sharing your account Information

We strongly advise that no other person should have access to your account information. Frapapa and its employees will never ask you for your password / OTP.  Also, please do not enter your password / OTP on any platform other than the Frapapa App and/or Frapapa website.

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